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What will you discover in your NAUI Master Scuba Diver certification?


You and your dive buddy find an old encrusted anchor on the bottom of the bay. You deploy a buoy to mark your spot. You attach lines, check to make sure they are secure, and slowly inflate your lift bag from your auxiliary tank.. The anchor begins slowly lifting off the bottom. Sediment from years of lying unfound among the coral heads streams towards the bottom. You see the sunlight coming closer. You have almost gotten your prize!


Your Master Diver class will teach you to improve on the advance skills you learned in your earlier classes. You will start perfecting your ability to navigate under the water, you will learn how to run search patterns and the salvage techniques to recover objects you have found, you will learn more about deep diving and how to properly plan and handle decompression dives, you will explore the mysteries of diving at night and discover the creatures that inhabit this nighttime world, and you will be introduced to different specialty areas such as photography that are of interest to you.


Let your underwater adventure continue with the NAUI Master Scuba Diver course! Experience the thrill of open water dives in settings that will test your abilities to their limit while enhancing and expanding your diving capabilities. The NAUI Master Scuba Diver course will help you gain the in-depth knowledge that will establish you as a recognized authority in your diving group or club.


The Master Scuba Diver course is a continuing education course for divers wishing to achieve mastery of their diving skills. It will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the academics of diving-equipment, the environment, physics, physiology, and decompression. This course is an excellent progression toward NAUI leadership roles. If you are 15 years old and have a NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver certification or its equivalent, you may be ready for the Master Scuba Diver class. Ready, set, learn!



During your training you will engage in a minimum of eight open water dives including the following required dives:

  • Emergency procedures and rescue
  • Deep/simulated decompression diving
  • Limited visibility or night diving
  • Underwater navigation
  • Search and recovery- light salvage


Your instructor will also choose from many different dives for your elective dives including:

  • Skin diving
  • Air consumption (practical application)
  • Boat diving
  • Shore Diving
  • Hunting and collecting
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