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Louisiana Swim School provides infant and toddler survival swim lessons all the way up to adult swim lessons. At any age or level of experience we can help you on your journey to becoming safe and competent in and around the water.


Infants beginning at 6 months of age can learn a survival float method where they learn to hold their breath underwater and roll over onto their back to maintain a survival float. Beginning around 13 months old a child will learn a basic “freestyle” type swim. When they need to breathe they will roll to their back to float, rest and breathe before flipping back over to their belly to swim again.


Children beginning around age 4-5 are ready for our swim and stroke swim lessons. Children at any level of competence will be taught proper freestyle and backstroke techniques, as well as side breathing. If the student is progressing well, breaststroke and butterfly strokes are also taught.


  • All lessons are private, one on one lessons. Taught year round in a private indoor heated pool.
  • Survival Swim Lessons: Ages 6 months – 4 years old
  • Swim and Stroke Lessons: Ages 4 years and Up
  • Private Adult Swim Lessons

Owner Kimberly Cohagan Dawsey has been teaching swim lessons for 20 years.


A graduate of both the ISR swim program and the Swim Life swim program; Kimberly has taught hundreds of infants and children how to be safe in and near the water. Kimberly is also an active scuba instructor as well as a First Aid/CPR Instructor. Kimberly and her staff offer experience, safety, and fun!


Our summer swim schedule fills up very quickly beginning in early spring. Please make sure to call or email early to insure you reserve your perfect time slot.


For more information or to enroll a student for lessons, please call us at  225-485-9999 or visit our Facebook page
uring our busy swim season we are often unable to stop lessons to answer phone calls. For the fastest response, please leave detailed text messages which should include your child's name and age, previous swimming experience (if any), your name and contact information, and an approximate time of day you are interested in. We will get back with you as soon as we are able.


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